Eastern Kentucky University Planroom: Construction Jobs for Bid



Welcome to EKU’s fresh new look of the Online Planroom! You have the same profile options available as before, and you can search projects, view the calendar, view your shopping cart and get help all to the right of the tabs. Filter these columns by clicking the column header. If you need any assistance, always feel free to contact support@lynnimaging.com!

Project NameCompany NamePre-Bid DateBid DateBids In
EKU 117-20 Elmwood Estate Exterior Renovation
Richmond, Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky University02/25/2020 10:00 AM ET03/06/2020 02:00 PM ET
7 Days
EKU 118-20 Heat Plant Boiler Installation
Richmond, Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky University02/18/2020 02:00 PM ET03/03/2020 02:00 PM ET
4 Days
EKU 122-20 Telford Water Heater
Richmond, Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky University03/03/2020 10:00 AM ET03/17/2020 02:00 PM ET
18 Days